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"Chamber Business" is the newsletter of the St.Helena Chamber of Commerce. It is published approximately 5 or 6 times a year in the local "St.Helena Herald " newspaper, which is also available on-line.

Recent issues are listed here. Also included are some correspondences and reports which are in the public domain.

  Issue Theme
19 March 2012
  Issue 15 LDCP, EDP, Tax proposals, AGM announcement
2 February 2012
  Open Letter Comments on the draft EDP
31 January 2012
  Open Letter Response from SHG to CoC comments on LDCP
3 November 2011
  Open Letter Comments on the draft LDCP
9 August 2011
  Issue 14 Investment Policy, Media, Business Survey
26 April 2011
  Issue 13 New Council, Tax Ordinance, Economic Forum , CEED
10 January 2011
  Open Letter Commentary on 2nd Julian Morris Report
25 August 2010
  Issue 12 Airport announcement, Tax review, FLIT
4 August 2010
  Open letter Comments to LegCo related to Liberalisation Issues
22 June 2010
  Proposal Written submission proposing tax changes for business
2 April 2010
  Issue 11 Sue Wardell's visit, Tax phone-ins, Draft letter re tax
20 January 2010
  Report Steps for developing a pro-business environment
19 January 2010
  Report Critique of the Julian Morris report
20 November 2009
  Issue 10 Discussion with Gov. re Terminal Handling Charges
25 September 2009
  Open Letter Comments to Gov. re Terminal Handling Charges
11 August 2009
  Issue 9 New Council, ANRD strategy, Wharf project
8 July 2009
  CoC for Option A A collection of A-campaign documents and photos
11 March 2009
  Issue 7 Tax Ordinance, Airport petition
20 October 2008
  Issue 6 Employment law update, EGM announcement
16 July 2008
  Issue 5 Tax workshop
20 March 2008
  Issue 4 Employment regulations, RMS Schedule
22 January 2008
  Issue 3 AGM and Fuel prices



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