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Welcome to the St.Helena Chamber of Commerce website.

The next few years will see the introduction of air access to St Helena and thus form a defining period in the island’s history. Significant challenges and opportunities for the local business community are emerging which it must be ready to address if there is to be sustainable economic development on the scale crucial for the future prosperity of St Helena. The existence of a strong, proactive and truly representative Chamber of Commerce is essential in order to facilitate such development.

Change is never comfortable and can be daunting without support, particularly in the current global economic climate, but businesses need not feel that they are alone. The Chamber has a key role to play both in listening to their concerns and voicing these in the most appropriate place. It also helps to ensure that the business community is kept fully and promptly informed of relevant changes in public sector policy and requirements and has been involved in their formulation.

I look forward to working with all local businesses to build an even stronger Chamber that will facilitate and support the sustainable development of the local private sector.

Dr. Corinda Essex, President.




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