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The Council of the Chamber of Commerce meets on a regular basis (once every month), as well as on an as-and-when basis as demands dictate.

The regular meetings occur every first Tuesday of the month and are traditionally held at the ESH Business Information Centre in Jamestown, beginning at 5.00pm. Any Chamber Member representative is welcome to attend these meetings, and while the rules of the Chamber require non-Council Members to be invited to speak, often the meeting will be inclusive and welcome attendees' inputs without too much ceremony.

Frequently, these Council meetings invite guests to speak on specific topics of the moment, especially when visiting consultants and dignitaries arrive on the island. Sometimes, Council lobbying results in the attendance of a Government official or politician to provide face-to-face explanations and offer opportunities for question-and-answer.

The agenda for these meetings is generally determined by the President in consultation with the Secretary, although any Council Member may request an agenda item. Ordinary members often get agenda items added as a result of requests for representation. Council meetings are always minuted. Approved minutes are distributed to ordinary Members by email if they have requested them. (Chamber resources do not extend to printing and distributing paper copies of all minutes to all Members)

Council's activities therefore include the following:

Where the work of the Council can best be performed in smaller groups, specific Working Groups are set up, which research issues, develop proposals and present them to plenary Council for review and adoption. Members of these Working Groups are taken generally from the Council, but non-Council Members and others may be co-opted as appropriate.

Annual General Meetings are held shortly after the end of the Financial Year, which is 1st April - 31st March. Minutes are made available to Members after approval by Council.

At the first Council meeting following the August 2013 AGM, Council prioritised the following specific activities:

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