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The Chamber of Commerce involves itself in day-to-day decision-making and policy-making affecting the Private Sector by taking part in a number of Government fora. This involvement provides the opportunity not only to influence the progress of Government policy, but enables Chamber members to be more precisely informed about goings-on in the corridors of power.

Frequently, SHG consult with the Chamber as the representative body for the Private Sector in order to canvass opinion and expose themselves to non-Governmental viewpoints, although this does not always occur at an appropriate point in the process.

In addition, the Chamber holds its own events, where members, Government officials, visiting consultants, politiicans and others experts and the like have an opportunity to meet and exchange views. These are scheduled on an ad hoc basis when the situation demands, but recently, an informal get-together has been arranged on a more or less regular two-monthly basis, to which appropriate guests are invited.

The Chamber does not publish its own newsletter, either in printed form or on-line, but a regular article ("Chamber Business") appears about every two months in The Independent, one of the island's weekly newpapers. Past editions can also be found on this website..

The Chamber Council meets on a monthly schedule, and all Members are invited to attend as observers (although frequently, non-Council Members find themselves in active debate). For other activities of the Chamber Council, see here .

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