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June/July 2009 - The Chamber of Commerce has been explicit and very vocal in espousing the Option A †  offered in DfID's Consultation regarding the provision of access.

At a special campaign meeting in June 2009, the Chamber Council resolved to ensure that the visiting Facilitator (Ms Rosemary Stevenson) was left in no doubt about the views of the Chamber, with a secondary aim of rallying all other Option A supporters to the cause.

Submissions in the media, the distribution of unmistakable "A" posters, the organisation of a car parade, and the participation in radio programmes have all played a part in the campaign, and the Chamber has also made an official written submission to Ms Stevenson (published openly in the St.Helena Herald). Here are some links to documents and photographs of note:

The A poster   This slightly revised version of the original was sent to Ascension and The Falklands for continuation of the campaign in those places.
CoC for Option A   Chamber announcement in the press

Photos   Photo-collage of the car parade, which attracted 60 cars parading from Whitegate to the sea front in Jamestown
COC Submission   The Chamber's official submission to Rosemary Stevenson, in response to the DfID consultation
- Attachment 1   Attachment to submission, summarising findings of a Chamber survey of Member investments related to air access
- Attachment 2   Attachment to submission, a briefing paper from the Social Development Planner outlining projected impacts on demographics under current (no-airport) conditions
A-campaign update   Another submission to the press
SHDA submission   SHDA's official submission to DfID in reponse to the DfID consultation (~6MB) - thanks to the MD of SHDA for this document.

Note: Individual Members have also made separate contributions to the campaign - not included here

  DfID's consultation offered three Options:
Option A - to build an airport as soon as possible;
Option B - to abandon the airport project and commission a replacement RMS St.Helena;
Option C - to defer any decision for up to 5 years.

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